Our Team

Professional management : Our company is managed by a qualified management team with several years of relevant experience. The management team is supported by board of directors who are qualified and having experience in various knowledge domains.

Strong customer relationship : Company started operation in december 2011 with just one customer. Today, company services over 50 customers from a number of countries across five continents.

Large sourcing capacities : Over the years reyansh exports has developed a network and bonding with brokers and over 400 suppliers to be able to source large quantities of commodities from the right place at the right time at right price.

Timely delivery : Meeting customer deadline and expectation for quality on a consistent basis is paramount for reyansh's business. Dealing in commodities especially in case of perishable commodities timely delivery of goods is of utmost importance. Reyansh exports meticulously plans the entire logistics right from procuring the orders from customers to arranging to procure goods from manufacturers through brokers to arranging the shipment through c&f agents for timely delivery to customers across the globe.