Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Chemical

Reyansh Exports Private Limited is proud to be one of the Leading Sourcing Agents in India in the field of Pharmaceutical Industry. Reyansh Exports offers itself as a platform for various foreign companies who would like to undertake sourcing from multiple locations and companies in India. We can be your sourcing representative/ indenting agent and take care of the following responsibilities on behalf of your company in India.


Finished Formulations (as per customer's required compositions ) in the form of Capsules,Tablets, Liquid Syrup,Sachets & Tubes .

Food/ Dietary supplements formulations (Multivitamins,Minerals,Tonic etc.,)

Any API's (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)

Contract Manufacturing

India's success in the Custom Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) is booming thanks to the country's strong process chemistry skills, low operational costs and availability of a skilled workforce. We have relations with a number of factories for custom synthesis and new product developments based on organic synthesis. We specialize in this area and have developed significant understanding of the dynamics at play. The factories take the orders in the scales ranging from milligrams to several Kilograms.

Marketing & Distribution support (Indian & Overseas markets)

Reyansh Exports also offers the following services pertaining to Sales & Distribution to tap the huge potential of the Indian market Also we can support in marketing & distribution of your products in Rest of the World markets (ROW). Registration, Importation, Sales & Marketing, Distribution of APIs', Drug Intermediates, Solvents & Chemicals to various pharmaceutical manufacturing units in India. Currently our distribution network channel is spread across the country. We can be your support system in India, till the time you move on to the next stage of setting up your own operations in India. Our company is committed to satisfying the expectations of our partners, clients and suppliers. We respect every deal that we undertake and are persistent to building relationship through successful trading.

Reyansh Exports Private Limited is one of the fastest growing companies dealing with Contract Manufacturing in India. With GMP certified manufacturing facility in West Bengal & Gujrat and the facilities available to cater to all segments to export markets. We provide a very competitive prices for the following categories (Orals preparations in generics& branded only ) as per Government/ overseas customers requirements & specifications.